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Our Mission

At pinkBrain, our mission is to change the world through technology one engagement at a time.

We are founded with purpose to transform ideas into reality, through exceptionally talented people, who are driven by excellence.  Our consultants (aka Brainiacs) guide our clients through the most challenging integration and digital transformation projects helping them navigate the vast technical landscape available to enterprises. We follow a servant leadership model helping enterprises evaluate technology options and create a game plan that continuously delivers value to their business.

Our Formula

With years of expertise we have distilled what works and what doesn’t. Scalable solutions that not only account for new technologies, but most importantly leverage your existing systems, timelines, and budget. 


Our first step is to understand who you are as a company and what makes your business tick. We review your goals, process models, team and governance structures to ensure our solutions fit your business. 


We align with your technical team and business stakeholders to create a game plan that considers all stakeholders’ needs and establishes clear expectations for delivery.

Continuous Development

We believe in delivering value throughout the project. Our solutions are created so that stakeholders are receiving value throughout the delivery process and have an opportunity to progressively review and test along the way.

review & Handoff

We are passionate about enabling our clients and their users. We always strive to leave our clients empowered in the processes and solutions we implement. We ensure users are educated and well versed in all the capabilities we deliver.

Companies We’ve Transformed

What We Offer 

 Scalable solutions that not only account for new technologies, but most importantly best leverage your existing systems, timelines, and budget. 

Mobile App Development

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Our Leadership

Randall Mcclure

Chief Architect

Matt Blackmon

Founder & CEO

Tyler Eastridge


Our Vision &Values

Our purpose is to unite, empower and develop incredible people to deliver unfathomable innovation through intelligent digital experiences

Listen Intently

Think Boldly

Deliver Excellently

Listen Intently

We believe listening is more than just hearing what’s being said. It is the intent and need beyond words and understanding the desire

Think Boldly

We believe in our people and encourage them to boldly attack challenges, drive outcomes, and push innovation, so that every engagement exceeds expectations.

Deliver Excellently

We believe in being excellent in all we do, from how we speak, to how we deliver. If we cannot deliver excellently then we are not delivering at all.

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